Monday, September 1, 2008

Wild cat

It was around 15-20 years back. An unknown wild cat from my village used to hunt the chickens. People call this cat as bavuru billi (or pilli).  Unfortunately I have never seen this cat. Last time when I went to my village I got some information about this cat. This cat still exits in my village. This cat hunts only in night , it is very difficult to spot in day time. This cat is bigger than usual domesticated cat. my village is in coastal area in Andra pradhesh. If somebody I have any information about this cat please send me details.  I am just trying to find out which cat species it is.


Ramesh said...

Hi Pradeep,
I saw this wild cat may be 25 years back in my village, its Bavuru Pilli. I tried many times after that to find or spot one but my grand father told me, they no more.

In our village, a pack of people called "Alakala Varu" , they used to catch these wild cat and kill after that, i saw them planting net one night and i stayed near my friends hose to capture some face time, but luck on that day (btw, i was less then 10 year old at that time).

Anyhow, based on my research i found they are very similar to "Bob Cat" in North America. If you find the picture of Bovuru Pilli, please post it.


sravan said...

Felis chaus

Unknown said...

Thanks for information. Interestingly this cat still exists in my village.
I have not seen this cat.

Thanks for giving pointers like "Bob Cat". I will ask my servant identify based on 'bob cat' image. He claims he has seen this species many times.

Unknown said...

Ive seen pa family of this cats recently in a old abandoned house in Bhimavaram......One of my relative has taken its pictures .........if possible ill upload those images.

Mohammed Rafi

Unknown said...

@Mohammed Rafi, I just seen your post. Great to see somebody able to capture images :). Can you please share images or link to images?

Unknown said...

Hi Pradeep,

We work for fishing cat conservation in Andhra (known in Andhra as Bavura pilli or Neeti pilli) - it looks exactly the way you describe it. Please see

Can you give us some more information? It would be great if you can tell me where your village is, and where you have/seen or heard about this cat moving around, by posting to Facebook on

Thank you for your time,