Monday, July 21, 2008

Relative time-machine

This relative time machine is not for time traveling, for different purpose. Let’s think relative time-machine is a specialized cabin, the person inside cabin can change the time flow rate relative to out side time flow rate. If he decreases the relative time-flow rate lets say by ¼, which means that time-flow rate is one quarter relative to out side time-flow rate. If he spends an hour and came out, he spends only one hour when he suppose to spend 4 hours. This case he is 4 hour younger relative to his actual age. Similarly if he increases time flow rate by 4 now he becomes four hours older than his relative age.

I will give one interesting example for this.

Let’s imagine a scenario a person is preparing for his academic examinations. He has only 1-hours left for exam to start, but he is not confident and he didn’t prepare well. If he writes the exam he will sure fail. He needs at least 4 days to prepare. If he fails he needs to wait for another year to write the exam. Now he sits in the cabin and decreases the relative time-flow rate by 1/96 that means 1hours equal to relatively 4 days. Now he has enough time to prepare for his examinations. In this case he saves approximately 1year by using his future 4days. But he becomes 4 days older to his actual age. That means he saved 365-4 = 361 days.
Same logic can be extended to space. I will talk about this later.

According to special relativity the above scenario can be possible. But I talked about stationary cabinet. This is Einstein special relativity formula for calculating time dilation.

In this case object has to move very high speeds to get sufficient ∆t'

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Closed Universe

I always fascinated about space science. I got interest in this area when I was in 10th Standard. That time I had a book which is translated from Russian language to Telugu.

We feel like we are living in the three dimension world (here I am not considering time as another dimension). Think that our universe is a four-dimensional sphere or ellipsoid. If this is the case our universe is closed . Anyway we cant imagine 4D space. But if our universe is a 4D sphere then there is radius that means there is limit . If there is limit we generally assume there is start point and end point. Here there is not start or end point. In this case space is curved and formed a 4d-sphere. Assume Sphere and it is very big if you are in surface it looks like a plain area but actually it is curved. Closed universe space is curved in 4D-Space.