Monday, June 30, 2008

Kodai Biodiversity

Some time back I went for trekking in Kodaikenal. This place has different climate because of the high altitude (Around 2200 meters from sea level). There are other places also there with this altitude which includes Ooty, Munnar. Trek path is near to kodai and there the altitude is 2300 msl. This trek was through some shola forests. The plant and plant species density is very high.

Between we crossed a pine forest. This is a artificial one and planted by Britishers for wood. I hardly see any birds here. I believe these pine trees doesn't provide any food for native fauna.

I see forest department planting native trees in the cleared pine tree forests. I don't know whether they cut pine trees to plant native trees or any other purpose. Naturally grass lands with shola forest co-exists. This place has high density of flora and fauna.

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